Introduction to MR Physics Part 2a

Part 2a of a six part series covering the fundamentals of magnetic resonance imaging physics. In this section, Dr. Stafford introduces concepts of relaxation and image contrast. Click here to view Part 1a or Part 2b.


Terms covered in Part 2:

  • Image voxel
  • Nutation
  • Thermodynamic equilibrium magnetization
  • Proton density
  • Dephasing/Regrowth/Recovery/Decay/Relaxation
  • Bloch equation
  • T2 relaxation curve/ transverse dephasing curve
  • T1 vs T2
  • MR signal
  • Echo (TE)
  • Repetition Time (TR)
  • Inversion Recovery Imaging (IR)
  • Inversion time
  • Proton-weighted images