About Us

ImagingKT aims to be the source for everything you need to know about medical imaging research and training in Canada. 


This site has been developed to engage medical imaging professionals and trainees with simple yet comprehensive access to imaging fundamentals, cutting edge research and reliable training materials. Our development was supported by two pan-Canadian imaging networks funded by the Canadian Institutes for Health Research with infrastructure provided by the Canada Foundation for Innovation.

As researchers too, we understand that moving forward can require modernizing the way we do things. New ways of sharing ideas through digital mediums is a promising supplement to traditional conferences and journal articles as the backbone of knowledge dissemination. As imagingkt delves into this brave new world, we are continually discovering the best strategies to engage our community and effectively communicate the incredible advancements made here in Canada. Your ongoing participation and feedback towards this effort are always welcomed.

A significant portion of our mandate is to provide applicable open online training in medical imaging in Canada. Our goal is to provide clear and accurate knowledge to a broad audience; from the general public looking for more information about a prescribed imaging study, to trainees supplementing their graduate education, imaging technologists needing training on a specific process, and senior investigators interested in the current state of research in the field. Topics of interest will continually be added, either as separate educational materials and videos, or compiled as more formal didactic training courses. If you have interest or need of a specific course or module, please forward your suggestion to us.

Finally, we wish to engage and network the medical imaging community in Canada. Connecting stakeholders not only to knowledge, but to each other, will help to build research capacity and knowledge sharing between groups. We strive to become the hub of all news, job openings, funding announcements and any other exciting advancements relating to imaging, allowing you to stay in the loop and communicate your opportunities quickly. If you have anything to post, please forward to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

ImagingKT would like to acknowledge two national medical imaging networks that support our efforts.


Canadian Atherosclerosis Imaging Network (CAIN)

CAIN is a pan-Canadian imaging network funded through grants from the CIHR and CFI. This unique research network is focused on the pathobiology of atherosclerotic disease as it pertains to the coronary and carotid circulations. The CAIN research program involves the creation of a unique national network focused on in vivo imaging of vessel wall disease, combined with imaging of occult end-organ disease as well as the acquisition of clinical and pathological end points. CAIN enables unprecedented cross-sectional and longitudinal clinical studies of patients with atherosclerotic disease in coronary or carotid vascular beds, and has established an international resource for studying the natural history, progression, regression and novel therapeutic interventions aimed at atherosclerosis. Vascular imaging expertise and infrastructure in all major Canadian cities are linked in this novel multidisciplinary team to form a core clinical research network; patients are recruited from qualified sites across the country to enable unique research into the vascular biology of atherosclerosis, imaging technology assessment and clinical vascular imaging. The project leader, co-PIs, core and recruitment sites represent Canada's leading atherosclerosis imaging experts, spanning coronary and carotid territories and embodying both basic imaging science and clinical imaging research. Collaborations with private organizations are currently being established. See www.canadianimagingnetwork.org.


Medical Imaging Trial Network of Canada (MITNEC)

MITNEC was funded by the CIHR to address the objectives of the Federal Isotope Supply Initiative, focused on reducing clinical reliance on the technetium (99mTc) currently produced by nuclear reactors. Our central goal is to move innovations in imaging toward their broad application in clinical research and to facilitate the uptake of research outcomes into clinical practice and improved patient care. The network initially encompassed researchers in oncology, cardiology and neurology and will be national in scope with participation from twelve universities located in four provinces across Canada. The network will integrate internationally-respected Canadian scientific leaders with multidisciplinary expertise and build on existing state-of-the-art infrastructures. Recruiting sites, core labs and a data coordinating center will be linked through an existing secure and rapid communication network. www.mitnec.org